Warehouse Door Cable Fixer

Warehouse Door Cable Fixer

As a business owner, you probably inspect the condition of your warehouse garage door all the time.

If not, problems may occur suddenly.

As a result, it would interfere with your business operations.

One of the crucial components that are prone to damage is the cables.

Cables assist the lifting and lowering of the garage door.

If they are not in good condition, they will snap and eventually lose tension.

Hence, if you find out that the cables are not working correctly, it’s time to call a warehouse door cable fixer in Pittsburgh.

Pitt Overhead Garage Door Repair will fix them right away.

Fixing cables will not just prevent further damage to your warehouse garage door, but it will prevent accidents that may happen during the operations.

These accidents might endanger the lives or safety of your employees.

All About Garage Door Cables

You might be thinking about the purpose of a garage door cable.

It’s one of the essential components that allow the movement and safety of your warehouse garage door.

The cable works together with the torsion or extension springs, assisting them to do the heavy lifting of your garage door.

It also balances the tension that the springs eventually release to prevent crashing on the garage door.

That may not sound like the cable is not doing much.

However, when torsion springs get damaged without the cable’s presence, it could lead to a severe accident on your employees. As a result, it would affect your business operations.

Thus, the cable prevents the potential damage and injury that a tension spring can inflict.

Hence, you must inspect it regularly.

Reasons Why Garage Door Cables Snap

A snapping cable does not happen all the time.

However, it eventually occurs.

There are several reasons why it happens.

Every piece of equipment has a lifespan.

The more you use the garage door, the more it is prone to damage.

Since a cable is made of metal, it is susceptible to corrosion.

When this corrosion is not eliminated right away, it will begin to wear.

Once you find out that your warehouse garage door is out of alignment, it can strain the condition of the cables.

Don’t be shocked if a cable eventually fails.

A garage door is a system of components.

When one component is damaged, it will affect others as well.

For this reason, lubricate when you detect corrosion on the cables.

Make sure as well that they are not dangling.

If you spot a dangling or snapping cable, then it’s best to call a warehouse door cable fixer to do repair or replace it for you.

Inspect the Cables

Maintenance is crucial to the condition of the cables.

At least, conduct this once a year.

Cables also need to be replaced once the damage is detected, regardless of age.

As mentioned, it’s best to lubricate once you find out that cables are corroded.

However, when they fray, they need to be replaced.

Be careful with cables since damage can happen at any time.

Cables may break upon using the garage door.

The damage can lead to the door getting off-track, affecting other components as well.

If you do not address the problem right away, the damage might escalate to bigger ones, leading to a garage door installation or replacement.

You also need to pay attention to the loop of the cable.

The loop can be found at the bottom bracket of the cable mounted on top of the garage door’s bottom panel.

Once the loop is damaged, it will affect the drums and springs.

As a result, it will affect the operation of your garage door.

Keep your cables in good condition.

Call a warehouse door cable fixer in Pittsburgh to fix your cables if they need maintenance, repair, or replacement.

You can also have a look here on how cables are usually fixed.

What To Do Next

Once you see the cables are damaged, do not use your commercial garage door for a while.

Instead, call a commercial garage door repair such as Pitt Overhead Garage Door Repair.

Note that fixing cables may be pretty easy to perform but requires following specific safety measures to prevent accidents from happening.

When you rely on the repairs to us, we can adjust and spot other issues that might be hiding with your garage door.

We have a team of experts to cater to you any time of the day.

Call us for a cable repair if you’re in Pittsburgh!

Call us for a garage door cable repair in Pittsburgh!

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