Garage Door Squirrel Hill

While painting the exterior of your home may increase your home’s curb appeal so will a brand new stylish garage door.

Stand out with a new garage door.

Replacing your garage door here in squirrel hill can add texture, color and style to your home.

We at Pitt Overhead Garage Door Repair service are here to help you revamp the exterior of your home with a new garage door that fits your visual and functional needs.

Garage doors come in many different style materials and colors.

When it comes to materials we offer 3 types which include Steel, aluminum, and glass.

Steel doors are known to require the least maintenance, they are sturdy and strong and are a great option for you home here in squirrel hill.

Aluminum doors are known to be the more affordable option.

They are lightweight and rust proof.

Last we offer Glass garage doors, they are sturdy and windproof and will allow natural sunlight into your home.

Some of the styles in which we offer include; traditional modern, coastal, and carriage.

These are all unique and beautiful doors that you can choose from to fit your individual needs.

These doors also come in a variety of colors.

These colors include Oak ,Dark oak, Oak walnut, Oak slate, White, Black, Almond, Sandstone, Desert sand, Chocolate, Charcoal, Bronze, Glacier white, Mocha brown

Maintaining your residential garage door is key to ensure your garage doors full potential and life expectancy.

Garage Door Squirrel Hill

We at Pitt Overhead Garage Door Repair service offer a maintenance package that we recommend be done annually.

This package includes a full inspection of your squirrel hill homes garage door.

After the assessment we then lubricate all moving parts, tighten all screws, make any alignments and adjustments needed.

Finally we make sure two double check all safety features.

The number one reason to call a garage door company is for a garage door repair.

When it comes that time to need a garage door repair, Pitt Overhead Garage Door Repair service and our trusted professional team are just a call away.

Our team of professionals are able to handle any and all repairs you may need.

Some of these repairs include; Garage door opener repairs, garage door spring repairs, garage door track repairs and many more.

All of the products we install in your home are american made and to the highest quality.

Some of the brands we use include, Liftmaster, Chamberland, and Clopay.

Commercial Garage Doors

We at Pitt Overhead Garage Door Repair service specialize in all your commercial garage door needs you might have in your squirrel hill business.

At many businesses garage doors are crucial from loading and unloading merchandise and simply opening up your work space.

Therefore it is important to make sure your garage door is maintenance and properly working to avoid any burdens to your business.

Our team at Pitt Overhead Garage Door Repair service work on all commercial garage doors.

This includes roll up garage doors, fire rated garage doors, and over head garage doors.

We are here to help with both new installations and repairs.

Commercial garage doors are usually quite big and heavy and with their size and weight come risks and dangers.

To avoid any accidents it is important to service your commercial doors here in Squirrel Hill

With over 15 years of experience we consider our team here to be the best at what we do.

All of our highly trained technicians specialize in all garage door repairs and replacements Our trusted team of professionals are here to help will all your garage door needs.

With every job we guarantee our work and offer warranties.

For repairs we offer a 3 year full warranty and for new installations we offer a 5 year full warranty which includes both parts and labor.

With that being said we pride ourselves here at We at Pitt Overhead Garage Door Repair service in customer service and quality work.

Whether commercial or residential we are your local squirrel hill service to call.

No matter what time of day it is, give us a call! Our company works 24/7 to service the squirrel hill neighborhood.

We offer same day service and do our best to work with your needs and schedule.

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