Garage Door Jerks When Opening

Garage Door Jerks When Opening

A garage door is a complicated device with lots of unique parts.

Each part plays an important role during its function.

From the springs to the cables and even the bolts, all of them have their significance.

Subtle changes in its function like jerks and sounds are signs of abnormalities.

It is best to have it checked before it causes more harm.

There are various reasons why garage doors jerk when opening or closing.

It can be because of the damaged rollers, bent tracks, garage door openers, and many others.

Moreover, this device weighs about 130 to 350 pounds.

So, a garage door jerks when opening is a disturbing scenario.

As an owner, overlooking these signs can sauce more damage to your garages.

While some issues are easy, others are complex which need professional expertise.

Pitt Overhead Garage Door Repair offers garage door services.

Call our team whenever your garage door jerks when opening.

Tracing garage door issues can be time-consuming.

Yet, investing your time to find the cause of the issue will be very beneficial during the repair.

Here are some areas to focus on and few tips on how to solve jerking problems.

Check the Condition of the Moving Parts

Over time, rollers are subject to wear and tear.

They will lose their hold and eventually get damaged.

If they are squeaking during opening and closing, then they are the reasons why the door jerks.

Replace the rollers with the same model and ensure that it is in the right position.

Make sure to do it appropriately.

Also, determine the efficiency of the newly replaced roller by letting it move back and forth.

You can follow this video on how to replace rollers properly.

Also, check the condition of other hardware parts like the hinges, springs, and screws.

It is crucial to know their condition for they play an important role during opening and closing.

Tighten all screws and bolts found in a garage door.

The loose hardware part will be unable to support the weight of the door.

Overlooking the issue will make the garage door motor lose its power.

Preventing the issue from getting worse will help you avoid excessive repair costs.

One simple tip, have all your hardware parts lubricated from time to time.

This can help you avoid jerks and disruptions.

Handling Simple Damages

Dents and crimps on the tracks can cause jerking sound if left unsolved.

You can do the repair yourself by using a mallet or hammer to smoothen the dented parts.

If you are not confident enough, call a garage door technician right away.

Ignoring the need for your tracks may cause serious damages.

Straightening and smoothening crimps need a trained hand.

Of course, calling an expert from our company will help you sort out the issue.

Yet, you can also avoid jerking sound by maintaining the tracks clean.

Just remove all dirt and debris in it and your tracks is good again.

DIY VS. Expert Care from Pitt Overhead Garage Door Repair

Few minor repairs are best done by yourself.

For example, changing batteries and maintaining cleanliness within the garage.

You can also adjust the photo-eye function of your doors and lubricate the hardware parts.

Yet, some parts are best left for experts to repair and check.

Spring, cable, and track repairs and replacements are complex jobs.

It needs professional handling and the right tools.

To avoid damages and dangerous scenarios, let an expert from our company deal with it.

As an owner, deal with the issues that you can handle and leave the complex ones for an expert to do.

Pitt Overhead Garage Door Repair in Pittsburgh

If the garage door jerks when opening, start by identifying the cause of the problem.

If you cannot locate it, call Pitt Overhead Garage Door Repair in Pittsburgh.

We inspect and provide a great service to those who need it.

Of course, we have a reliable repair team that can fix any garage door issue.

If you live in Pittsburgh, our services are yours to enjoy.

We have garage door repair and installation services that might be the ones you need.

We are available at all hours – seven days a week.

Call us now and we will be happy to help you sort out the issue.

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