Garage Door Monroeville

A great way to increase your home’s curb appeal is with a new garage door.

New garage doors will increase your home’s value and overall appearance.

Here at Pitt garage Overhead Garage Door Repair service we offer a wide variety of Garage Doors to match the style of your home and your individual needs and preferences in the Monroeville area.

A new garage door is a great investment for your home.

In the Monroeville area the typical garage door sizes are 16×7 for a double car garage and 8×7 for a single car garage, but no matter what size door you need we can get it.

We at Pitts Overhead Garage door Repair service are able to get and install any style and size door.

Here at Pitt Overhead Garage Door Repair service we do more than just install new garage doors.

We service the Monroeville area will all your garage door needs.

We specialize in all repairs and all of our technicians are highly trained professionals.

Garage doors have many mechanisms and parts, and it is very important to maintenance your garage door annually.

This can include just a simple lubrication, hardwear tightening, and a garage door alignment.

This will help prevent the need for repairs.

Some of the repairs we specialize in here at Pitt Overhead Garage Door Repair Service are Springs, Cable, Garage door locks, Garage door opener Repair and replacement.

Garage door Springs are one of the most crucial parts of a garage door.

The springs are what help reduce the weight of the door to allow it to be lightweight and easy to open and close.

Garage Door Repair In Monroeville

Here in Monroeville the 2 most common spring types are torsion springs and extension springs.

The easiest way to visually differentiate the 2, is by their location.

Torsion springs systems are usually 2 springs located at the header of the garage door.

They are on a long tube that extends across the top of the garage door.

Extension spring systems are located along the side of the garage door, parallel with the garage door tracks.

They usually have 2 cables running through them that extend from the front of the garage door to the back.

We are Pitt Overhead Garage Door Repair service specialize in both of these types of springs that are most commonly found here in your homes here in monroeville.

The springs we install in your home are american made products.

The most common american made springs are 10,000 cycle springs and have a life expectancy of 12-15 years.

Garage Door Openers are the automatic unit that lifts your garage door.

Garage door openers are important for multiple reasons.

First off the Garage door opener opens and closes the garage door for you, so there is no strenuous lifting.

Another important reason to have a garage door opener is safety.

Garage door openers work as locks.

They keep your Garage Door shut and secure.

The best fitting and most commonly used brands for garage doors in Monroeville are chamberland, Liftmaster, Genie, and craftsman.

At Pitt Overhead Garage door Repair service we Replace Garage Door openers as well as repair them.

The most common repairs on Garage Door openers include, Opener adjustments, New Gears, safety eye sensor repairs, New remotes and keypads, and just over all opener maintenance and lubrication.

All in all we at Pitt Overhead Garage doors are here for the members of the Monroeville community to help you with all your garage door needs.

From New doors to repairs, we are your trusted local professionals with 20 plus years of experience.

Our Company is both licensed and insured.

We pride ourselves in customer service and quality work.

Thus being said all of our work is warrantied.

New Garage doors come with a 5 year full warranty on both parts and labor.

For repairs we include a full 3 year warranty on parts and labor.

When you go with us here at Pitt Overhead Garage Door repairs service, you do not only get top quality products and work, you also get a piece of mind.

We have been servicing Monroeville for over 10 years, and know what homes in the area need in regards to all garage door services and needs.

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