Garage Door Repair

Is your garage door damaged or not closing properly?
Our team can professionally assess whether a repair or fresh installation is the safest and most cost-effective option for you.

A dysfunctional garage door is of high safety concern and should be addressed immediately.
Some things to note and inform our team about:

1) Is your garage door visibly damaged? 2) Does it look crooked when it closes? 3) Is it taking longer for it to open/close?

Is your garage door not working?

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Our team specializes in high-quality and affordable panel replacement, roller replacement, and spring repair for both residential and commercial garage doors.

Our technicians have professional training in the mechanics of the garage door system and will evaluate what repairs are needed. Our team will always assess your system for repair, but if a repair is not worth the cost or not safe, only then will a fresh installation of a garage door be recommended.

We want to provide you with the lowest cost but longest-term solution possible. Our experts in the field will come out to your site to complete a 25-point safety inspection to identify the issue and provide an estimated cost before starting the job. They are professionally trained with over 15 years of experience in servicing standard to complex garage door systems. You can be assured that we have most premium garage door parts in stock daily ready for your service. Remote-controlled garage door systems are our specialty!

Not every company is qualified to perform these services, but our experts have received advanced training in the complex circuitry of these systems. They are able to assess which parts must be replaced and provide solutions that are cost affordable. You should always rely on a company like ours to get this type of job done! Garage door inspections are crucial for your safety and should be done routinely. Call us today for a free quote and on-site inspection.