Garage Door Slams Shut? Here’s What You Need to Do

Garage Door Slams Shut? Here's What You Need to Do

Garage door slams shut? Garage door slams too hard? If you’re experiencing these, you have to get it fixed immediately.

Most garage door problems regarding opening and closing are commonly caused by the garage door spring.

Since springs are in place to make the garage door close slowly instead of slamming down.

If you’re experiencing slamming garage doors for quite some time, your garage door springs may be beyond repair and need to be replaced.

However, These garage springs are in high tension, so one must be very careful in handling them.

If you’re living in Pittsburgh, you can contact us, and our technicians will be right away at your doorsteps.

Nevertheless, in this article, we will talk about why garage door slams shut and what you need to do.

Why Does Your Garage Door Slam Shut?

Commonly, a garage door will slam shut for two reasons:

Damaged Garage Door Springs

Problems regarding garage doors’ opening mechanism are most of the time associated with parts that need repair or replacement.

As stated before, garage springs require routine checking and maintenance to ensure their safe operation.

This is because garage door springs are responsible for the opening and closing mechanism of your garage door.

Springs do a lot of work by lifting the weight of your garage door.

It is the main reason why you can lift your door effortlessly and close it smoothly.

However, the lifespans of your garage door springs can only go as much as 10,000 cycles.

If your garage door springs break, it may lead to disaster, especially during the most unexpected times.

Besides, if your garage door is now 7 yrs. old or longer, you might need to have a maintenance check-up for it.

Closing Force On The Garage Door Opener Needs To Be Adjusted

A simple wrong adjustment can get your door to close too quickly or too slowly.

Modern garage doors nowadays work with hydraulic pistons, just like residential doors. These pistons are the ones lifting your garage doors.

The force exerted from the piston can be controlled by adjusting the garage door opener’s force setting.

In the case of garage doors slamming too hard or too fast, the force setting must be higher than the optimal output.

If this is the case, a professional with enough experience and knowledge before the garage door opener is needed.

Contact your trusted garage door repair company to troubleshoot your garage door.

What do I do in the meantime?

You must certainly call for help from professionals, as a faulty garage door is risky and could endanger your pets and family.

In the meantime, it is better not to use the garage door frequently and always be cautious in handling the door.

However, if you feel that you’re a qualified person, you can do simple maintenance and try fixing the problem DIY.

Here is what you should do:

  1. Skip this part if you feel like the issue is much more complicated.
  2. Do DIY maintenance and lubrication.
  3. Clean all visible parts of your garage door with soap and water.
  4. Wipe all areas that are often covered by dirt and dust, like the roller tracks.
  5. Appropriately lubricate the moving parts like rollers and tracks, springs, and hinges.
  6. Check for any broken or loose springs.
  7. If you could see any, order a set of springs and replace them carefully. You must remember that dealing with springs is the most dangerous part. It’s only advisable if you’re experienced with things like this. Refer to your garage door provider’s manual for information.
  8. Refer to the garage door opener manual and try adjusting the force setting on the garage door opener. Use a flat screwdriver to adjust the setting gently while testing if that setting is the right setting.

If any of these doesn’t work, the real issue must be more complicated and need experts.

It’s possible that your garage door is beyond repair and needs to be replaced.

Contact Pitt Overhead Garage Door Repair Service Right Away

Inspect your garage doors and see if there are problems, and tend to them right away.

Though doing DIY could be done, it isn’t recommendable since it’s risky and could get you injured.

It’s wiser to leave it to professionals than to risk your life.

Pitt Overhead Garage Door Repair can serve you in these hard times. Our technicians are the best in maintaining and fixing garage doors in Pittsburgh.

We can offer you our services and products that are suitable for your warehouse garage door specifications.

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