Broken Garage Door Spring Symptoms

Broken Garage Door Spring Symptoms

Most people believe that the garage door motor does all the lifting.

It only does the minor part.

A garage door spring is an old type of technology that plays an important role during the function.

It is an essential part of a garage door that allows it to move up and down many times in a day.

If they get broken or damaged, then you are in serious trouble.

If you think about it, constant use of garage doors will weaken its capabilities.

It will lose its strength and efficiency.

Having an expert inspect your door springs can help avoid damages.

Luckily, Pitt Overhead Garage Door Repair offers various garage door repair services.

If you live in Pittsburgh, you are eligible to seek our help.

Call us whenever you are in spring trouble.

Of course, it is ideal for you to know about the signs and symptoms of a broken garage door spring.

Here are some broken garage door spring symptoms that can help you decide and seek professional help:

Cables and Pulley Are Not in Their Usual Location

Cables and pulleys could hand down whenever the springs are in trouble.

A 2-pulley system exists to raise and lower the garage door.

If the spring fails, then the whole system will be off-balanced.

Cables and pulleys are subject to damage during this symptom.

You can follow this tip video on how to repair broken cables.

Of course, you can call our customer service team whenever you are in this trouble.

Crooked Garage Door

Garage doors equipped with only the extension springs are independent on each side.

It means each spring pulls independently.

One problem on one side will not cause an issue on the other side.

This is the reason why the doors get off-balanced and sometimes off-tracked.

Better call an expert to deal with it.

Our company has garage door installation services that can help you with the problem.

Call us immediately during this issue.

Cables Are Out of Shape

Cables that are out of shape simply mean that they need immediate attention.

Broken cables can disrupt the whole function of garage doors.

The problem may not be on the cables but the springs.

When the spring breaks, the cable also breaks.

Both are important garage door parts that need an immediate response.

Calling an expert to inspect the springs and cables is the most ideal thing to do.

If you live in Pittsburgh, our garage door repair services are yours to experience.

You can follow this maintenance tip video on how to take care of your garage door spring.

Garage Doors Opens Only 6” From the Ground

One can notice a problem with the garage door when it only opens up to 6” from the ground.

The reason behind this is that there are extra forces exerted on the springs.

You need to know that this is a safety measure function of the garage door.

This will help you avoid damages to the opener and springs.

During this sign, let an expert check the condition of your garage door.

Call Pitt Overhead Garage Door Repair in Pittsburgh.

Unusual Sounds During Opening and Closing

Springs are subject to many forces during opening and closing.

Torsion springs exist to resist torsion energy and tension.

Broken tension springs unwind in a fraction of a second which causes noises during the function.

The coil spins and creates banging noises that can make anyone startled.

When you experience this sign, seek professional help immediately.

Call our team during this time.

Garage Doors Lowers Fast

If the garage doors move faster than usual, then the springs are broken.

Garage door opener functions with well-working and balanced springs.

Have an expert deal with the problem.

Never try replacing the springs yourself.

If you do, then you are in great trouble.

Better leave the issue to our experts and let our team deal with it. Call us now.

Pitt Overhead Garage Door Repair Serving All in Pittsburgh

Dealing with any garage door issue can be very dangerous and time-consuming.

You have to invest your time and effort.

Moreover, garage door springs have unique intricacies that need ample knowledge when repaired.

It is best to leave the job to those who can do so.

Most homeowners rely on Pitt Overhead Garage Door Repair to have their garages checked.

We have a reliable team that can inspect and fix any garage door issue.

We also offer various garage door repair services and tune-ups.

If you need a garage door service, call our team and we will be at your service ASAP. Call us now.

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