Roll-Up Garage Door Springs Repair 

Roll-Up Garage Door Springs Repair 

A popping or grinding noise on your roll-up garage door is most likely due to damaged springs.

Once the springs rust, you’ll be having a hard time opening them.

If you need a roll-up garage door springs repair, don’t hesitate to ask for help from Pitt Overhead Garage Door Repair.

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All About Fixing Garage Door Springs

A garage door spring is a vital moving component that you probably have been ignoring – until it breaks.

You’re suddenly stuck in a situation where your business operations might halt due to the problem.

When you’re faced with this problem, you have two options: calling a professional garage door repair expert or fixing the springs on your own.

Getting professional help will cost you more, but you can assure of the service.

When working with a professional, you can expect your springs to work again.

On the other hand, replacing the springs on your own might save you more.

However, you won’t probably be protecting yourself from potential hazards and injury.

This is true if you’re not an experienced DIYer.

Deciding is crucial to ensure your roll-up door won’t have to suffer from a damaged spring.

Since a roll-up door spring is contained within the tensioned barrel, it certainly requires expertise to fix it.

Spring replacements are not easy to do.

Springs are available in two different types, namely, extension and tension.

Different types call for different ways on how to fix it.

The first type is the extension spring.

Fortunately, it is easy to replace it if you want to do the job on your own.

However, you need to be aware of replacing it, such as potential falling of doors and activated openers during the replacement process.

On the other hand, Torsion springs can pose severe injuries if you do not replace them the correct way.

Unlike extension springs, tension springs are under extreme tension.

When mishandled, most likely, you may experience severe injuries.

While it might be possible to do the spring replacement on your own, it’s not worth the risk.

It is only worth the risk if you have prior experience in replacing the springs successfully.

The thing is, once you find out that the springs are damaged upon inspection, call a professional for a roll-up garage door springs repair.

In this way, the problems won’t cascade into larger ones.

Besides, addressing the issue early will save you on costs and possible garage door installation or replacement.

What To Consider When Fixing Garage Door Springs

If you’re adamant about doing the repairs by yourself, watch this video on how you can do it.

After, buy a good quality spring from hardware stores or manufacturers.

But before doing this, measure the springs beforehand to ensure you buy the right one for your garage door.

You can browse online for springs, or you can ask help from a garage door repair company if you are not sure of the correct type of springs to buy.

A garage door repair company will likely have the exact spring that you need.

You can also ask help from them on how to do it.

However, it’s always better to have the professionals do it.

Also, allow them to bring their materials to avoid discrepancies on sizes and types once they fix the springs.

When to Call a Pro in Pittsburgh

We want to stress enough that a professional garage door repair expert should replace garage door springs.

The job is done right away while ensuring quality with professionals.

They will also use the appropriate materials and tools to ensure the replacement is done correctly.

Aside from that, they have substantial experience, so you don’t have to worry about the replaced springs damaging soon.

If you’re in Pittsburgh and need a roll-up garage door springs repair, don’t hesitate to call Pitt Overhead Garage Door Repair.

We’ll make sure that your roll-up door is working again.

We also offer other high-quality garage door services such as garage door installation, commercial garage door repair, and tune-ups.

Set a schedule for us to witness how we do our high-quality work!

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