Commercial Overhead Door Preventive Maintenance Checklist

commercial overhead door inspection checklist commercial garage door preventive maintenance door inspection checklist pdf

Fully functional overhead garage doors are an asset in itself for any business-owners.

In Pittsburgh, an operational garage door can provide a wide range of uses such as:

  • Smooth and efficient flow of daily business operations.
  • Cost-effective utilization of energy in the establishment.
  • Protection of business properties and other valuables.
  • A safeguard against theft and destructive weather conditions.

However, most business owners mistake inspection as garage door repairs, instead of preventive maintenance.

It’s also unsafe for your commercial garage doors to have them inspected after severely damaged.

That removes the true purpose of preemptive repairs and preventive maintenance.

As a business owner, your best shot at sustaining your overhead door’s lifespan is preventive maintenance and routine inspection.

After all, prevention is better than cure as an old saying goes.

With that, we brought together a commercial overhead door maintenance checklist to help you sort out your next routine inspection.

Why Preventive Maintenance is Necessary

Keeping your commercial garage door in working condition is one of your top priorities as a business owner.

Not only do you maintain the garage door’s working life, but you can also avoid time-consuming repairs from interrupting your business schedule.

Moreover, annual inspection and maintenance can ensure:

  • You And Your Employees’ Safety: Inspection allows you to identify faulty parts that may pose hazards and replace them before the potential injury occurs.
  • The Overhead Door’s Life-Expectancy: Commercial garage doors can last for many years. However, neglecting to repair or replace faulty parts can shorten this lifespan.
  • Minimized Expenses: Tune-ups are usually less costly than door parts repair and replacement.

Pitt Overhead Garage Door Repair’s Preventive Maintenance Plan

Overhead door inspection and maintenance is a crucial process in maximizing your garage door’s lifespan.

Hence, you should not take it lightly, as neglecting so might lead to expensive repairs and replacement.

That’s why we brought together this commercial overhead door preventive maintenance checklist.

Sectional Doors

The following commercial overhead door preventive maintenance checklist should be very useful for Sectional Garage Door types:

  • Inspect, tune, and lubricate springs
  • Inspect mounting security of spring fasteners
  • Inspect and lubricate bearings and rollers
  • Inspect and tighten hinges
  • Inspect cables and drums condition
  • Inspect track for bends and damages
  • Inspect and lubricate chain lift
  • Inspect weather-strip for wear and damage
  • Inspect the condition of the door’s sections
  • Inspect door alignment for proper operation
  • Inspect component safety labels, positions, and condition
  • Inspect for compliance with safety, fire, and ADA codes
  • Disconnect automatic opener and test the door for smooth operation by hand

Rolling Doors and Rolling Fire Doors

Our team follows the following commercial overhead door preventive maintenance checklist for Rolling Doors and Rolling Fire Doors types:

Rolling Doors

  • Adjust door spring and lubricate bearings
  • Inspect slats and end-locks for deformity
  • Inspect and realign door alignment
  • Inspect and tighten fasteners
  • Inspect chain hoist for damages and lubricate
  • Inspect locks for damages and working condition
  • Inspect all sprockets and shaft collars, then tighten
  • Inspect door weather-stripping for wear

Rolling Fire Doors

  • Do drop test on the door
  • Inspect fusible links and replace painted fusible links
  • Check electric fusible links for continuity
  • Check the door for proper reset
  • Check smoke detector, where applicable
  • Check hold-open devices and time delays

Garage Door Opener

For garage door openers, the following checklist should be effective for your next commercial overhead door preventive maintenance:

  • Lubricate bearings
  • Inspect and adjust opener belts
  • Inspect and lubricate roller chain
  • Inspect and adjust brake
  • Inspect sprockets and re-tighten
  • Inspect limit switches and adjust
  • Inspect mounting security
  • Inspect and test disconnect
  • Inspect components’ safety labels, positions, and conditions.

If you don’t have the confidence and skill set to execute a safe and reliable maintenance, we got your back.

Our team will provide a meticulous write-up for any repairs and replacements that your overhead doors might need after inspection.

Get your commercial garage doors checked now with Pitt Overhead Garage Door Repair.

What You Can Do For Your Overhead Doors

Annual maintenance checks are a big help to your overhead garage doors, but you can also do some inspections once in a while.

A lot can happen in a year and it would be in your garage door’s best interest if you can spot the problems as they start instead of waiting for the annual inspection.

You can have your commercial overhead door preventive maintenance checklist in your business:

  • Conduct a visual inspection of your commercial garage door’s condition once in a month or two.
  • Look for excessive dirt, wear, or corrosion in the components.
  • Apply recommended lubricant for any moving parts to ensure that their movement is smooth.
  • Do a balance test on your door to see if it is properly balanced. This can be done by disconnecting the opener and lifting the door halfway up.

A properly balanced door will stay in place while an imbalanced one will either snap up or slam down.

However, you must not hesitate to call us if there’s some problem with your commercial doors that you cannot determine or fix yourself.

Keep in mind that having inexperienced hands deal with the problem is bound to end in disaster.

Keep yourself and your employees from injuries by calling Pitt Overhead Garage Door Repair to deal with the problem.

Call our staff now.

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